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Charm Diamond Jewelry

  • For your girlfriend/boyfriend

    For your girlfriend/boyfriend

    - Any love/heartjewelry

    It preserves a memory

    Through the years, the jewlery will prevent memories from being forgotten.

  • Not sure which charms to choose?

    Not sure which charms to choose?

    When you own a charmjewelry, you know it's not just for aesthetic use, it has a sentimental meaning as well.
    Isn't it great when your friends/family or girlfriend/boyfriend touches theirjewelryand then remembers you and the great events in their life?

  • For your friends

    For your friends

    - A fashionable Crescent Moon

    - A star representing her daring style

    - Lotus necklace

    It shows your friend how much you know them

    It will make your friend feel super incredible how you remember little things about her/him.

  • For Moms

    For Moms

    - A flower charm

    - A bee charm, she is queen bee, after all!

    - A lucky horse shoe

    You can give it to all ages!

    One great thing about charm jewelry is that they are versatile; you can give them to your wife, your mom and grand mom!

  • For Animal Lover

    For Animal Lover

    Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Bear, Owl and more! Elegant piece of animal jewelry with diamonds.

  • For yourself

    For yourself

    - Key pendant

    - Cross pendant


Diamond Tennis Bracelet

  • Why it called "Tennis Bracelet"?

    Why it called "Tennis Bracelet"?

    The style became popular in the Roaring 20s when women enjoyed a new found freedom and would regularly wear it paired with their fanciest dresses, for the most elaborate parties and occasions.

    When tennis legend & fashion icon Chris Evert chose to wear the diamond bracelet during the 1978 U.S. Open match, her bezel-set diamond bracelet went flying across the court during she was engaged in a long rally. She asked officials to stop the match until she found the bracelet.

    The next day, women were calling their jewelry stores asking for the “tennis bracelet”

    Explore Tennis Bracelets
  • Why popular?

    Why popular?

    These braceletsmakes it a classic and a popular choice for everyone. Theywill also elevate any outfit.

  • For a gift

    For a gift

    Tennis bracelet is also called infinity bracelets. Adiamondtennis wristlet is a symbol of love. That is why this kind of bracelet is widely used as a gift for loved ones.

  • Modern Iterations

    Modern Iterations

    Opting for a stacked and layered look for a more glamorous aesthetic. They can also be layered with any other style of bracelet.


  • Hoops are the perfect transitional jewelry for day-to-night dressing

    Hoops are the perfect transitional jewelry for day-to-night dressing

    Hoops are one of the most versatile jewelry with a touch of luxury and a classic style that never goes out of fashion. It's a perfect gift for everyone and any occasion.

    Here are 5 hot trends that are popular right now:

    Explore All Hoops
  • 1. Delicate Silver hoops

    1. Delicate Silver hoops

    Silver hoops are a classic style that never goes out of fashion. They come in a variety of sizes. If you're looking for a simple and chic style, then delicate silver hoops are the way to go.

  • 2. Hoops with a statement edge

    2. Hoops with a statement edge

    If you're looking for a more edgy style, hoop earrings with a statement edge are the way to go. They make a definite fashion statement and are perfect for adding some boldness.

  • 3. Classic Hoops

    3. Classic Hoops

    If you're looking for a hoop style that is both timeless and on-trend, Clasaic design hoops are the perfect option. These pieces often feature intricate designs and delicate details.

  • 4. Dangle Hoops

    4. Dangle Hoops

    Dangle Hoop earrings are a hot jewelry trend in 2022. Dangle earrings are perfect for all face shapes. For the earrings to stand out, wear them with your hair. Doing this will also make your neck look longer.

  • 5. Minimalist

    5. Minimalist

    Huggies are an easy way to add a minimalist look to new season fashions. These hoops tend to be thinner and less ornate than other styles, making them perfect addition for pairing with casual outfits.


Basel Setting Jewelry

  • Sleek and Smooth, Modern and Minimalist

    Sleek and Smooth, Modern and Minimalist

    Bezel setting Jewelry has sleek and smooth lines that make them elegant and sophisticated. Its design is thoroughly timelessand it will never go out of style.

    It's a perfect gift for everyone.

  • What Is a Bezel Setting?

    What Is a Bezel Setting?

    The bezel setting is characterized by a ring of metal that holds the stone in place. This encasing of metal slightly overlaps the edges of the stone, which helps keep it safe.

  • Modern Minimalist

    Modern Minimalist

    Bezel settings make your stone appear larger

    A rim of bright metal can make your center stone look bigger than it is. The simplicity of the bezel setting elegantly sets the center stone in clean lines for a unique, discrete look.

  • Enjoy layering

    Enjoy layering

    Bezel set jewelry work well in combination with any other Jewelry. It can create an interesting layered effect. Mix them together or match them with another Jewelry.

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